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I did a LOT of thorough research on pet insurance as we have a puppy English Bulldog, which are prone to so many health issues (most of which are excluded in other insurance plans like VPI - i.e. cherry eye, ACL issues, etc). Luckily we got the insurance at the perfect time -- one month after getting the policy she got pneumonia, then a slew of other skin allergy issues, none of which were previous conditions. I've regligiously submitted my bills and forms via fax, and through the process have spoken to the Pets Best customer service reps many times over the phone -- everytime they are responsive, helpful, and compassionate. The are able to answer my questions honestly, and provide me with info that I sometimes even forget to ask! I've called to ensure that a specific procedure is covered - and they always give me a straight answer. I've never been led astray by Pets Best, and they have covered every one of my vet bills just as promised -- $75 deductible on every diagnosis, and then they pay at 80% of the remainder. EVERY TIME. I highly recommend Pets Best, and have encouraged all my other bulldog owning friends to sign up ASAP. Thank you Pets Best for being so helpful! 8/21/2008

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