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I have had VPI for over 3 years now and for my dogs first serious medical condition they totally screwed us on a technicality and called it a pre-existing condition. she was not diagnosed with anything and they based there final decision on a hand sentence from the front desk attendent at my vets office. we had to fax all her records over for them to review, and even as my vet was saying nothing existed prior, VPI saw a phrase jotted in the notes that they used against us later. that was extremely disheartening and very unfair. since then my dog has developed a 2nd un-related condition (AIHA) and i have paid over 14,000 dollars for her care. to cut right into the legitimate numbers, they repay at like a 25-30% rate, if that. as we go forward with more care they are getting tighter and tighter with how they re-emburse. had i known how they conduct business i would have went elsewhere.

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