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I have 2 cats (we lost the third late '08), 1 dog and two 60 gallon fish tanks. Having insurence was always in the back of my mind, but I never seemed to do it. I was the lucky winner of the Petsecure Pet Month contest and 1 year of pet insurance was just one of the many wonderful prizes I recieved.
I count my blessing that I have never had to use it, but have a small dog(Pomeranian) in what seems to be a big dog world, it sets my mind at ease. It was easy to register and they sent me out a complete package outlining exacty what was covered. There are not many things they don't cover and at a reasonable price. When I called them they were very friendly and helpful.

Petsecure has my vote for a top notch company with excellent customer service! I will continue to keep insurance on my dog with Petsecure even after my year has expired!

I would reccomend anyone with a pet to explore Petsecure's options. I did a little exploring prior to winning the contest and was not very happy with what I found as other companys did not meet my needs.

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Posted: 07/23/2009

This reviewer has not made any claims yet, so how does she know how good they are.

Posted: 07/24/2009

This review is useless, unlike the one above it, as Terry Braglin says he's never had to make a claim.

Posted: 03/30/2010

It's not only about claiming, it's about the service you receive and how easy it is to get the information you want simply by asking for it.