Healthy paws is the best decision I ever made for my dog

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Healthy paws has been fantastic, I got insurance for my golden retriever when he was a puppy and rarely needed it but he was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder and over the last three months we've been doing everything in our power to get him better. Initially I was worried that Healthy Paws wouldn't cover some of the extremely expensive treatments and surgery he needed or might take a while to reimburse us so I kind of held my breath when I submitted the claims but after dozens of vet visits I havent had a single bad experience despite the added complexity that I'm sure coronavirus has added to their business. I've called customer service a few times to check if a treatment is covered and every time they have answered quickly and his treatments have been covered.

I was a skeptic at first, thinking that I could self-insure but I am so glad that I decided to get insurance for my dog and have nothing but positive things to say about Healthy Paws, their app is easy to use, reimbursements are quick, coverage is simple and comprehensive and customer service is great.

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Golden Retriever

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1 - 8

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Posted: 07/17/2020
By: Holden

This is BS. They refuse to cover most veterinary procedures. I stopped my coverage of this company because I spent over $1000 in vet bills and they didn't even cover my $200 deductible.