After having to euthanize my dog from an extended illness I get a "incomplet claim due to open invoice", what does that mean?

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Our dog has been very ill for many months and we finally had to put her down as her liver failed. I submitted a claim for euthanizing her which is difficult enough I get an incomplete claim email with a cryptic "open invoice". What exactly does that mean??? The invoice clearly states that I've paid the amount in full on my credit card so what exactly is open about it?? Anyway, I insured my first 2 dogs with 24PetWatch (AKA petcare) and never again, all my new pets have been insured by PetPlan who incidentally sent me a condolence card and made a donation to cancer research on my behalf when I submitted the exact same type of claim for him. All I get from PetCare is grief and incomplete claim for some reason or another. NEVER AGAIN will I insure an animal with them. PetPlan now has insured 5 of my animals and I never have to stress out or try to figure out what the cryptic missing documentation statements mean.

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