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A little over a year ago our new 3 momth olg pup "STORM" had a horrible accident when he was attack by a neighbor's malamute. The dog grabed Storm's leg by getting his head under our fence . The leg was just barley hanging on. We rushed him to the emergency where they we able to save his life and with 4 surgeries they were able to save his leg.We had only taken Embrace out a few days before this happened.You were there from the beginning and followed us through the entire process...not only paying our claims; but also encourageing usas we went through the ups and downs of Storm's recovery. A couple of month ago he started having problems with his left back leg. He had a luxation of the patella and had surgery to keep it in place and is now recovering form that surgery. EMBRACE has been right there for us. In less than a month after the surgery,the claims have been paid to our satisfaction. It would be great if our our health insurance would be as efecient. As long has we have dogs ,we'll hvae EMBRACE!

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