Read one year policy provision carefully

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As an example: If your pet is diagnosed with cancer in the 10th month of the policy then all claims that continue into the renewal are not covered as they are considered a pre-existing condition. I purchased two policies on my two cats from Petshealth over 7 years ago and when cancer set in I had no (0) coverage as they invoked the pre-existing condition provision at renewal. It took us two months to organize the tratment. Once I read the policy and saw the exclusion I cancelled both policies. I hope the ASPCA realizes what they endorsed as they are a fine organization. We also had a dog insured with the same company for 5 years who was diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately his cancer condition was diagnosed at the beginning of the policy year and his treatments where covered up to the $3500 limit with deductions for reasonable and customary. He died before the policy expired. His cremation coverage for a 135 pound German Shepard was under $50. All of these incidents happened before the ASPCA endorsed the current program. Good luck.

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