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I purchased my policy in 5/07, on 8/7/07 my dog was diagnosed with Addison’s disease. I submitted 6 claims to them spanning 6/07 - 8/07. They denied all of them 2X's($2700). First b/c they wanted medical records, which they should have asked for prior to accepting my policy. Then they claimed that the medical records indicate that in 4/07 my dog "may have had” a pre-existing condition of Hepatitis therefore all claims for Addison's are excluded. According to them Addison's can result from Hepatitis. News Flash... My Dog NEVER did not have, nor does he NOW have HEPATITIS. His liver enzymes were slightly elevated b/c he was fighting off an ear infection, WHICH WAS DISCLOSED TO THEM. They changed my vet's diagnosis from Addison’s to Hepatitis. Every time I call customer service they are unhelpful, aggressive and down right nasty! I'm cancelling my policy b/c the next time I send them a claim they'll find a way of linking it to Hepatitis just so they don't have to pay the claim. Tell me, if my dog breaks his leg, did he have a pre-existing condition of playing that caused the leg to break??? I'm sorry I ever wasted the time. Sorry I wasted my time.

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