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Figo is not a good pet insurance company and I wouldn't be comfortable recommending it to my friends and family. When I was first shopping for pet insurance I ran across a ton of negative reviews accusing Figo of doing a bait and switch, where the first year's policy is reasonably priced but then it doubles the next year. I asked a Figo customer service rep if that actually happened and she denied it. It was one of those situations where either the rep had been lied to or she was lying to me, neither of which is good. She recommended that I request a quote for my pet but aged one year older to see how my premium would increase after one year. That seemed fair, so i did that. The increase was from $48 to $54 and that seemed fair so I bought the policy.

They messed up the first claim. They applied the office fee toward my deductible even though i hadn't paid for that option. I called them to let them know of the mistake. They were embarrassed, which is the correct response. It is embarrassing to be an insurance company and not know how to process your own claim.

At some point during my first year, the company announced that they were changing underwriters because they got so many complaints about doubling premiums (guess that was true after all). When I moved from Phoenix, AZ to a small town in Minnesota and went to renew my policy, they wanted to increase my premium from $48 to $68. I called to ask why there was such a big increase and they said it was because I had moved and vet care is more expensive in my new location. In what universe is pet care more expensive in a small midwestern town than it is in ANY large metropolitan area? I HATE being lied to by companies so I found a new pet insurance company. Plus, the deductible increased from 1000 to 1500 and I lost some other benefits I cant remember right now, but they wanted more money for it.

I cancelled my Figo account and received an email confirming cancellation. The next month they still charged me the premium. At that point I was in the middle of changing banks and had a minimal amount of money in my old bank acct, which was linked to Figo. The payment overdrew my bank account. They refused to cover the charges.

So ask yourself this... if you're in the middle of a medical emergency with your pet, who may be the love of your life, will you be able to trust a company that has repeatedly lied to you and been unable to follow their own claim procedures? Can you really trust them to be there for you and your pet in time of desperate need? I don't want to be in the position of having to choose to put down my pet because I cant afford the treatment because my pet insurance company can't get itself together. Me, I'll go with a company that's better established, doesn't outright lie to me, and knows what it's doing.

Two stars instead of one because the price was good for that first year and bc they do respond really quickly when you contact them.

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Posted: 07/16/2020
By: tea

that's horrible that happened to you! Thanks for sharing your story. i had my dog with Figo for 2 years and like your story the first year was so reasonable and i was really happy and impressed, and then the second year they raised my rates and deductible but I didn't complain too much they made it seem like it was normal and necessary and then the 3rd year they tried to raise my monthly rate AGAIN but this time the deductible was ridiculous especially for how much they raised my monthly rate so I decided to lease them. I'm searching for a new insurance for my dog