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I did a lot of research on pet insurance companies when I got my first poodle 5 yrs ago after running up thousands of dollars in vet expenses. At the time Embrace did not exist or I could not find them anyway. I went with AKC healthcare- figuring that the AKC would pick the best of what was out there. I have not particularly had severe problems with AKC except it takes forever to get my check. In Nov I added to my pet family with another poodle and before getting her I again researched pet ins. By this time I had heard of and recommended quite a few times Embrace to my auto/home insurance clients after learning they were a new and local pet insurance company. I also could have gotten a good discount with another company thru my employer for their pet insurance but I did not like what I saw with that company. I decided to take my OWN ADVICE -I had been dishing out for years to my customers- try Embrace. I am soooooooo glad I did from the very first phone call Kate was incredible and so helpful. I got my refund check back in record time. My only small snag was somehow my bill/receipt which I had sent in mail with claim form, ortho waiver form and previous treatment info got seperated and lost- they got the rest of forms but not the charges. I got a nice email promptly from claims telling me this was missing and I called vet to fax another one over to Embrace which they did immediately. Voila' claim was processed very quickly- Embrace sent me a copy of endorsement to my policy giving me the microchip discount and approving the ortho waiver of 6 month waiting period for my poodle. My one big regret is that Embrace was not around the first time for my original poodle and I now can not transfer her to Embrace because of her pre-exisiting conditions- although I am still wondering if I should and just pay for the pre- ex conditions out of my pocket. FYI I am still waiting for check from AKC- claim was sent same day for my first poodle- they did send a letter saying they received claim and would address it within 15 days(which it has now been over)so yes I am thrilled with my Embrace experience. Please give them a try you will be glad you did. Pet insurance is sooooooo important!!!! I was so happy to have it on my first poodle when she got ill from the recalled dog food that the Chinese added melamine to. Had Embrace been around when she was a puppy then too they would have covered her 2 knee surgeries too that were congenital likely- NO OTHER Company out there would have done that. Embrace is #1. Thank you to all the "Embracers".

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