Pays by out-dated benefit schedule - AWFUL!!!

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My best friend, my Golden Retriever Max, was diagnosed with bone cancer in January 2009. I was so thankful that he was protected by VPI's "Superior" plan with cancer rider which stated that "maximum of $9,000 per illness and $14,000 per policy term" would be paid. I felt confident and Max underwent amputation of a leg and subsequent chemotherapy treatment. Total bills were almost $l4,000 Total paid by VPI was $5,000. They pay according to a benefit schedule which is so outdated and confusing it will make your head spin when you try to figure out their reimbursement amounts. I can't tell you the hours I spent attempting to understand how they came up with the amount of their payments. It's like $10 from column A and $20 from column B and it won't make any sense to you, trust me. They twist the diagnosis so the payment is in their favor. They DON'T care about you or your pet! I spent more time on the phone with them - time that should have been spent with my Max during the most difficult time of our lives. There is no peace of mind with VPI. I even went as far as to resubmit bills and request a "review" and spoke to a "Customer Advocate Liason", whatever that is, who assured me she would review the bills. She said " I understand what we did, but I question why we did it." She ADMITTED that the benefit schedule was old and too low. She said "the policyholder has benefits you can't get to." No kidding. I found that out the hard way. Just one example of the schedule - anesthesia was over $300 -VPI's "allowance" is $80. Everything else is pretty much like that. There is MUCH, MUCH MORE I could tell you. By the way, I never got anywhere with the "review." I knew I wouldn't. This is a HORRIBLE insurance company. DO NOT GET VPI! Go with a company that pays a straight percentage of the bill. With VPI, you will drive yourself crazy at a time when you need to be giving your attention to your ill pet - not fighting with VPI's unhelpful staff. I have changed all my pets over to Pets Best - They pay 80% of the bill, quick, easy, and no questions asked. It is a wonderful change from the hassle of VPI. My Max died 6 months after being diagnosed. I cannot put into words how much I miss him. As the ultimate slap in the face, VPI took an additional deductible off the euthanasia bill, stating that it was a "new illness." I suppose somewhere in VPI's twisted reasoning Max's death was unrelated to the cancer that was killing him. I recommend pet insurance - just NOT VPI! When your pet is ill, you will be thankful IF you have a good company like Pet's Best. It will make the difference between saving your pet's life or not having the money to pay for any vet care at all, and maybe having to choose euthanasia instead. I'm not sorry we did what we did for Max. He had five good months. But I will be paying off the vet bills for many years to come. And with the right pet insurance, that wouldn't have happened. PLEASE, PLEASE, DO NOT CHOOSE VPI!

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