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I have two dogs and have had VPI for five years on one dog and from age 12 weeks on the other. I have the Superior Plan which is supposed to pay for routine care ANNUALLY. To me annually means once a year. I recently had my schnauzer's yearly shots and VPI denied the claim because I had them done FOUR DAYS before the policy renewal date. Even though I had the vaccine done in 2009 and was reimbursed and this is 2010, they told me annually doesn't once a year---it means once a POLICY year. But the policy itself does not state this. They also recently quit including teeth cleaning in the routine benefits and have lowered the reimbursement amount for vaccines. I cancelled the policy on my schnauzer. I am keeping it on the Shar-Pei because he is 9 years old. I spoke to a manager with no resolution to my problem and told them I would not use them for any new pet I get ever.

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