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Last year I adopted a puppy named Hermie. He was 9 weeks old when we adopted him. He was perfectly happy and healthy but we decided that insurance would be a great idea even if we never had any illness or injuries. We purchased the Major Medical Plan for him. The plan has so many benefits and it gives you peace of mind if something bad were to happen. It also helped pay for him to get neutered. Well, when Hermie turned 10 months old he got very ill. One day he was fine, the next he couldn't swallow, walk, or blink his eyes. We thought he had had a stroke or was accidentally poisoned by something he found and had eaten. We tried to watch his every move but he was a puppy and sometimes they will find something to consume even if you safeguard against it. Anyway, we took him to his Vet right away. We take him to the best Vet in town. He was so concerned that he called the neurologist and made us an appointment. We took him in the very next day and he said right away that he believed Hermie had Myasthenia Gravis. He ran a few tests and gave us medication to use. He also gave him an IV since he had not eaten or had any water since he couldn't swallow. He perked up a lot once he was hydrated and within an hour of giving him his medication he was able to walk, blink, and swallow. Going through this crisis was scary enough in itself but I was unemployed at the time and we were living paycheck to paycheck. The visit to the Vet and the Neurologist cost us around $1,000. We had to pay

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Myasthenia Gravis
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