still waiting for reimbursement - a month later

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We have been waiting over a month for our $1,000+ reimbursement. It was supodedly processed and put in the mail two weeks ago and we were told yesterday that the US Post Office is the problem. Pet First claims the Post Office set a side a whole bin of their claim checks for two weeks and found them last Friday ! Pet First said the PO mailed them on Friday and this is Wed (5 days later) and we have yet to receive it, the check that was supposedly sent out 15 days ago from Pet First.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Golden Retriever

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1 - 8

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Posted: 08/18/2010

I mailed my claim in 2 months ago and still waiting for the check. I know they received it 4 days after I mailed it since they sent me an email. Every time I try to call about it, I am on hold so long I have to hang up. When I finally did get through I was told the claims department left for the day and to call back. I just keep getting the run around.

Posted: 03/24/2011

Being a US Postal Employee I can state that there is no way that a "bin" of checks would be set aside or lost. USPS works 24/7 every day of year. Nearly all envelopes (unless thick) are automatically sorted by zip code. Mail is frequently dispatched to make trucks departing to adjoining states or to airport. Some mail is manually sorted, but very small percentage. In ALL CASES, the plant is empty of 1st class and above mail and most junk mail no later than 1AM to assure delivery to destination by 5AM for local sorting. USPS would not continuously mess up as they state.

Posted: 05/27/2010

Are there more recent reviews? Reimbursement seems to be an issue.

Posted: 08/02/2010

I agree - reimbursement is a BIG problem - they will delay until they have deducted your next month's premium from your bank account - if it is time to reimburse you and your due date for your next premium is days away, your reimbursement will "suddenly get lost in the mail"!! They stink