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Our spunky Yorkie, Pumpkin, turns ten this month (April 30) and has been covered since she was a puppy. She's had many ailments over the years, in fact, her private "folder" in my desk is twice as thick as my beautiful Cocker Spaniel, who lived 16 years with us. Pumpkin experienced kennel cough, worms and hypothermia when we took over her care as a puppy. Our Vet is wonderful; she recovered and we had no problem with our pet insurance (Petshealth Care Plan). Recently, we discovered a small growth on her eyelid. It was the weekend, and I planned to call the Vet Monday. There was deep snow on the ground and Pumpkin loves scooting around and burying herself in the snow - however, she came up bleeding profusely. It turned out to be a small (benign) tumor. When she had her surgery, I also had her teeth cleaned. I am so thankful I had pet insurance, because it was over $1,000. My Vet broke down the costs separately for the insurance company. I received my check in weeks and was satisfied.
I am also thankful that the insurance will cover Pumpkin for the rest of her life. I have recommended this company to friends and will continue to do so.
Thank you for your support for the past ten years - we really appreciate it!

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Eye problem

benign tumor on eyelid
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Yorkshire Terrier

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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