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We have had coverage for our dog with VPI for many years. At first, the premiums were reasonable and they covered our claims fairly. But as time went by, they raised their premiums and have covered virtually no claims, as our dogs' conditions are chronic and ongoing. For example, I recently submitted a claim for a hot spot. It was denied because she has had allergic skin issues in the past. She went a good deal of time in between issues and we (and the vet) are not even sure what caused this lastest hot spot. On past claims, they have taken the liberty to change the diagnosis so they could deny the claim, and when my vet protested, they simply stated the claim was denied, end of discussion. At this point, I am shopping for a new insurance company, since anything my dog has is pre-existing anyway and won't be covered by VPI. I am hoping I can get the same coverage for a lower premium. If not, we will start a dedicated savings account for the medical expenses. In the past 2 years, I have spent just over $1200 in premiums with virtually no re-imbursement! Just off the top of my head I would say we have had about $7000-$8000 in medical expenses for our dog during those 2 years. Much of this has not been submitted as I thought I was aware of what would be covered and what was not. I am very dissapointed in this company. I have given them a "2" only because they started off treating us fairly.

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