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We purchased a plan with PetsHealth (Hartville group) in 2005. Not very many companies offering pet insurance at the time. We found out that after the first year of coverage, our dog started loosing benefits because the clause in the contract stipulated a waiting period of 180 days from inception. They changed this to 180 days between cycles (annual). Which means any chronic condition will not be covered after 1 year. Our pure breed was diagnosed with a skin disorder and found out that since we treated him in November with an OTC for itching he bacame ineligible for coverage to see a dermatologist and all subsequent treatments because 180 days had not passed. We were also threatened if we cancelled our policy early we would encure penalty fees. We requested a high review of the claims and had to constantly call them for a status update. Once we got ahold of someone willing to tell us what happened they were rude and condascending. Now that we cancelled our policy all of our dogs issues will be considered pre-existing and not covered through another vendor.

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Posted: 03/21/2009

is that true that once you change policies from one company to another , any problem your cat or dog had is considered pre existing ??? well, thats a rip off if i ever heard one . shouldnt that be illegal. now that so many people have pet insurance maybe an attorney class action suit for these ever changing rules imposed on innocent pet insurance holders can be fixed and straightened out. pet insurance shouldnt be with limitation upon limitation or vets should lower their fees to fit in with reality.