Pets Best Insurance is a SCAM

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We signed up with this company in July of 2008. We opted for accident insurance for all 4 of our dogs for about $80/month. The sales rep was real smooth, very pushy and guaranteed that ALL accidents would be covered. In December of 2008, one of my dogs blew out it's knee (cruciate tear) on one of his hind legs. We called Pets Best to discuss prior to surgery and they guaranteed coverage for all $2500 as long as it wasn't pre-existing or an arthritic condition. The surgeon said it was neither and we proceeded with the surgery. After submitting the claim, Pets Best REJECTED it because of some very vague small print on page 5 of the policy that says the policy doesn't cover these types of accidents until AFTER a 12 MONTH TIME FRAME!!!!! When we challenged the claim refusal, the manager had the nerve to ask if we specifically inquired about cruciate tears PRIOR to signing up for the policy!!! MY GOD...WHAT A JOKE!!! How were we supposed to know what kind of accident would occur.

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Posted: 03/20/2009

They sound bad but just to remind you, do read ALL FINE PRINT, every word, when you have any kind of contract or policy with insurance, banks, credit card companies, etc. They WILL get you if you don't! If you do read the whole policy then you can choose wisely and fight back if they mess you up! Good luck. ps don't pick VPI