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After noticing that my 6 year old cat, Stanley,was looking a little tired and wasn't eating that well, I said to my husband that we should take him to the vet. Boy, I wish they could talk. Anyway, our vet was closed so my husband took him to the emergency clinic about an hour away. My husband called me from the clinic and said his blood sugar was very high, along with some other issues. That vet bill was around $500.00. It was decided that Stanley would be transported to our vet the next morning. It was found that he was in renal failure. His blood work was at 7.8 and at 10, an animal is dead. My husband did some research and found that University of Pennsylvania had a kidney transplant program. A kidney transplant costs around $12,000.00. He called Purina and talked with a representative who said as long as it was not part of a pre-existing condition, it would be covered. Stanley stayed at our local vet for the weekend on IV's. That bill was over $1,000.00. On Monday, we took him to Univ. of PA. Dr Callahan saw him and was certain she could treat him medically first. Stanley was there from Monday until Friday undergoing medical treatment and a transfusion. He also had enemia. That stay at U of P ended up to be over $2,000.00. We are subsequently taking him for follow-up visits to our local vet. Each of those visits requires blood work, etc. Each of those visits are $180.00, $140.00 and $120.00(estimates since I don't have the figures in front of me. Don't

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