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I have had a comprehensive policy on my 9 year old cat for about a year. I have filed 4 claims in that time: a wellness claim for an annual exam, a dental cleaning with some minor issues, a senior exam (like an annual but this is an extra exam every year), and a skin/allergy exam and test.

The wellness claim was paid (about $200), as it's a part of my policy.

The dental claim was initially rejected based on a pre-existing condition. My vet wrote a letter to Embrace explaining that current research shows that the evidence they used to consider this a pre-existing condition is no longer thought to be very valid. Embrace took a few weeks to research this and then responded that the doctor made a good case and that not only would they pay the claim (about $200 after my deductible), but they would also add this new information to their claims review process for other clients.

The third claim I filed was for the senior exam, and it was denied based on the fact that my wellness benefit was used up for the year (not a surprise), and the fourth claim, for skin/allergies, was paid.

Embrace has been fantastic to work with. The monthly premium for my policy feels like a lot of money ($52 for accident/illness and $15 for wellness, yearly physical and shots), but they do seem to be completely reasonable and they communicate very well, and I have a senior pet, which means higher premiums anyway. Their policies and the explanations of benefit that ac

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Skin problem

dental, wellness
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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