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I have been very happy with Pets Best for the last 3 years. They were able to cover my 10 year old Akita for a low premium (many plans will not accept a senior pet) and I never had any trouble getting timely reimbursements. I now have 2 Akita puppies under the plan and am quite thankful as I am having to bring both of them to the vet today.

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Posted: 01/24/2009
By: must be a Pets Best insurance agent leaving the ONLY good feedback on your company! Pets Best is a RIP OFF. I signed up online. My dog had an EMERGENCY (he suddenly stopped peeing) on day 4 of my policy. Remember...not voiding in animals is a medical emergency. I am not some to get a policy to cover something that was all ready there. If I would have waited 4 days of my dog never peeing he would have died. Mind you he stopped peeing at day 4. Had a 800.00 vet bill. I felt okay with my Vet visit thinking whew I am glad I have insurance...NOT. Wow I got a big surprize when I my claim got rejected. I called them..the customer service agent (company has got to be a pyramid mormon scheme)gave me every excuse in the book. Mind you they are located in Southern Idaho. AAACCCHHHEM. When I asked how is on the decision making panel they told me a group of VET AIDES are the decision makers. My jaw almost cracked on the floor it dropped so far. That was like telling me a NURSES AIDE was working at a Major health insurance company as an adjuster...WTF. Then She told me that I could start the FIRST ROUND "APPEAL" to appeal the claim. I just about had a coronary. DO NOT GET THIS INSURANCE if you want a smooth process. They basically told me I was not COVERED because not voiding was NOT a medical emergency. I was told the only way my pet would be covered is if they had got hit by a car!! THEY ARE a NEGLEGENT Pet insurance company!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They don't give a mouse turd about your pets....But they do like your monthly payment!! I am out 800.00 pluse my 3 pets 2 month payments of approx 150.00...950.00 total. That is A my eyes. Best ADVICE is to take 30.00 a month and put it into a separate savings account at your bank and save it for a rainy day when your pet has a REAL EMERGENCY. I don't know about you but don't you think NOT being able to pee is an emergency? If you don't look up ANURIA in Canines. Or failure to URinate....Obviously the Pets Best Insurance Companies Vet. aides feel asleep in the Critical Thinking session in their schooling.