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There are pet owners and then there are pet lovers. Being pet lovers, we didn't hesitate to pull out all the stops when our 10 month old puppy unbelievably came down with a deadly disease which he had been vaccinated against! After 2 vet hospitals we still had to transfer him to a third - Metropolitan Hospital in Akron where - with God leading the way - his life was saved, and he recovered to enjoy puppy-dom. Although Embrace initially turned down our claim, we asked them to take a second look as this was a freak occurrence, something five veterinarians said was unpredictable and rare. Much to our surprise, Embrace agreed that it was an extreme exception, that every precaution had been taken and yet the worst had still happened. These are real people who are willing to listen and delve into the particulars, definitely not what we expected. We thought it would be the same old insurance run-around with a "No" being the end result. It is really refreshing to finally find a company who is as good as their advertising and reviews. We had spent a lot of time reviewing pet insurance companies and we read the reviews and ratings carefully; this time we found a company which doesn't view all events as a black and white issue, but understands that life can take on hues of gray and that sometimes, man's best vaccines just don't eliminate the seemingly "impossible". Our puppy's survival is a miracle. Embrace took the time to review the impossible and stand behind us. They ar

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Over $1000

Sealyham Terrier

Age of Pet
Under a year

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