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We have a a Golden Retriever named Macey who until March of 2009 was rock-solid healthy. During the summer of 2008 our daughter's dog who was insured with Pets Best became very ill and the insurance plan paid off big time. Our daughter advised us based upon her experience to insure our dogs with Pets Best and we are glad we did. In March of 2009 Macey was diagnoised with IMHA a type of anemia which can be deadly. We caught it in time. Pet's Best allowed us to save our dog because they paid $7,500 on a premium of $350 paid the summer before. Had we not had the insurance we would have had to put the dog down. I am only sorry that we did not go for the higher level of coverage which would have been about $10.000. As of today 11-4-09 Macey is in full recovery.

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