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My mother got insurace for her yorkie, the first month was good. She set up a auto draft from checking, they were taking the payments faithfully. But she had to change accounts, advised Banfield of the change, but instead of following directions, they were drafting from the wrong account, which my mother was not aware of, until she got a call stating her account was past due. They are rude and don't listen to a word you are saying, its all about the money, so they put my mother's account in collections. she is 76 years old trying to explain the situation, but they didn't care, so her yorkie is not allowed to go and get checked until she pays the past due amount. I would not recommend them. they are a rip off.

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Posted: 07/22/2010

Yup.....understand your situation. Even though we have paid faithfully, when my dog got sick with Pancreatitis, the Banfield we always go to was VERY concerned about payment. They were more willing to talk payment plans and options rather than getting in and finding out what was going on with him.