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Brinkley is a 9 yr old golden, and is the best thing that ever came into my life! He is so loved, cared for, and makes our whole family laugh, love and reminds us to slow down. He is in remission for lymphoma. Earlier this year, we learned he had it while we were at Disney. It was a challenging time for our famiy. But with very quick response to his much needed treatment, we started getting him his recommended treatments by his vet, Banfield. They referred us to an oncologist. He began chemo, we changed his diet to a high protein diet, eliminated carbs, added fish oil vitamines in addition to his glucosomine, and recently added flax seed to his food. We love to give him treats, so we gave him low carb treats by Blue Buffalo, Salmon dog food by Blue Baffalo, and blueberries. We even found freeze dried liver treats. He loves fresh fruits and veggies. We try to give him oranic options. We've even started cleaning our home with vinegar and water, and have treated our house with organic fertilizers and pet friendly items. Brinkley has been a precious member of our family, so he has been well worth the extra expense. He has been with VPI for over 6 years now, and it wasn't until his much needed cancer treatments care that this has truly paid off. We would have gotten him treatment regardless, but this is a true example of a quality insurance for pets. Our family has been blessed with this care for our boy. We have given a portion of our reinbursements to charities s

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