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I’ve had Nation Wide insurance for 6 years for my Labrador. I’ve never made a claim in the 6 years. She’s been healthy thank God. A few months ago she started itching and scratching. It got so bad that she was gnawing herself until she was bleeding. It took 2 weeks for a veterinarian appointment because it was during the peak of the COVID Pandemic. She was giving Apoquel and sent home. The Apoquel worked well but once it was gone after 30 days the scratching started right back again. I took her back to the veterinarian and was giving the same thing as before. Apoquel. After 30 days, it starts back up. I decided to get a new veterinarian. I didn’t like that they just gave her medicine but never tried to figure out what was causing her discomfort. The new veterinarian did multiple tests and even scheduled an appointment with a dermatologist. They gave her Apoquel again but this time they gave her a few other medications. She has been so much better now. The hair is starting to grow back on the spots that she gnawed at. I’m very happy with the new veterinarian and filing a claim with Nation Wide was so easy and fast.

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