Bummed out - It's like they look for any reason to deny my claim!

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I purchased the PetsBest policy for my puppy due to the great reviews, but so far I've only had a hassle. My first claim was denied because they didn't even take time to look through the receipt and see that it wasn't just for wellness but also a urinalysis. Once I pointed this out and they reviewed it again, they denied because they said my puppy had symptoms before my policy was in place (14 days after purchasing the policy). This of course is ridiculous. My puppy didn't have symptoms for over a month! No where does it say on the receipt that my puppy had symptoms that long. So I can only conclude that they are making up these things hoping customers will just give up instead of fight for their claims. So frustrating and unnecessary.

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Posted: 07/28/2020

Hi Shannon, we would like to look into your complaint but cant find you in our system with just your first name. Please message us with your policy number.