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I have had pet insurance for many years on four dogs the first two i had vpi insurance and was very unhappy with them they always had an excuse for not covering. Then i got the other two dogs and decided to get petsbest and changed my to older dogs over. Well recently my older boxer got very ill with a left cerebellar mass on her brain it was going to cost thousands. of coarse we went through it and paid 12000.00 in bills i sent in the info to the insurance thinking all probly want get anything. Into my surprise they sent me my max of 7000.00 i was soooo happy it was the best news ever.Now i am im truly a believer there was no hasseling nothing it was so smooth for that i am thankful.I can rest better knowing that my dogs will be coverded thank you petsbest.

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cerebellar mass
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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