VPI Did Not Honor Terms of Contract

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I carefully read VPI insurance when I purchased it for my boxer puppy and as I am in the medical field, was able to interpret the languange fairly well. At the time I purchased the insurance there were no breed restrictions listed for any covered conditions. Several weeks prior to my boxer incurring a serious heart condition at 2 years of age, VPI changed the terms of their insurance with NO NOTIFICATION to current customers, and listed multiple breed exclusions. In the new terms (my boxer was diagnosed July 2nd -- the website was changed in late June), they listed my boxer's newly diagnosed heart condition as a 'breed exclusion' and refused to cover ANY treatment costs. I would strongly suggest you look elsewhere for pet insurance, there are better plans out there. This was a VERY frustrating experience and the company would not work with me although I had been a customer for close to 10 years.

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ARVC (heart condition)
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 07/23/2010

I had the same problem with VPI. They refused to cover what they considered breed exclusive. This was after they talked me into the Superior plan.