Almost Now 15yrs with VPI & Still Counting on VPI!

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Alright enough is enough!I have been an Accountant & Financial Planner for over 40years! In that capacity, I have recommended VPI since my inception as a VPI Policyholder for my then May, 1996, adoption by my Lhasa Opso! How do I say "thank you" to VPI being there for Corky for now over 14years! Yes, I paid a VPI Premium each being deducted from my Checking Account for ca. $60. average for the past 14yrs of premiums totaling ca. $10,000.! But wait a minute, the VPI claims paid have amounted to over $60,000.+++ With the latest VPI Claims for Corky's Eye and Arthritis and Heart Meds of over $1,300.+++ Corky's Pancreatitis Attack in November, 2001, meant near Death, but our Loyal Vet Dr. Slovon, who recommended VPI in May, 1996, had performed his skillfully trained services along with his VET Office Associates! Which cost ca. $4,000., which VPI reimbursed me for ca. $3,000. Before and since then, VPI has paid and paid me for Corky's needed services! Humm? I am an accountant, and what has been the ROI- Return on my Personal Investment of $100,000.+++, reimbursed for ca. $70,000.? Well, Love and affection and devotion, which is an non-immeasurable amount! Corky has lived a most comfortable life for now almost 15yrs. Thanks to the insight of Dr. Slovon to recommend VPI and my perseverance to pay on a monthly debited amount of $70. per month. Yes our Pets become our Family! Now near Corky's culmination of Life Giving Love to our Family and Friends, I am most than

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Eye problem

Skin problem




Renal (kidney)

Numerous VPI Claims Paid-May, 1996 thru June, 2010! 14yrs. ++
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Lhasa Apso

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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