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Every person I know who gets a new pet, I tell them about VPI. We signed up because a friend of ours had a dog with skin issues, he had to go into the vet and the insurance covered most of it. Soon as we got our Vizsla, he was put on the insurance immediately. He's been trouble free up till about this last year. He ate a chunk of a tennis ball which had to be surgically removed. Then a few month later he ate a plant and suffered temporary poinsoning. Then most recently he had a tumor/growth in his ear and a small one on his eye that I wanted removed. I think the total spent over the last year was about 2K and we have only had to out of pocket about. While we may not have broke even when you add up the cost of monthly premiums, it beats having to shell out everything upfront. Another friend of mine with a high end hunting dog never bothered to get his dog on insurance. Even after what happened to mine. He knew how much the surgery was and how much we received back, yet he still didn't bother. A few months after my dogs surgery, his dog had its intestine eveloped itself, I forget the term, but the dog nearly died. It cost just a little over 5-6grand in emergency surgeries. You roll the dice, you take the risk. The monthly cost is one dinner for two with drinks. Stuff happens, it's nice to know your covered. Know your coverage too, that goes out to the guy complaining about VPI. Claims have been easy and just a waiting game for the check to come in.

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