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I've had VPI for my two cats for a little over two years. Early on I felt this was a wonderful insurance and most everything was covered (except for medicine for a behavioral issue-but that was disclosed so I had no problem eating it.) However over the last year I've noticed that more of my claims are being denied, or receiving minimal payment-such as a recent $65 reimbursement for a $400 visit!!! On one occassion they even wrote down a diagnosis COMPLETELY different from what was given by the vet, needless to say this other diagnosis had much less coverage than the true diagnosis. I am now going through a lengthy appeals process that I doubt that I will win. After learning that they are changing the routine care coverage to elminate many of the more important aspects such as dental coverage, I have decided to look for a better plan elsewhere. When it works this is a great plan, but getting what I pay for is getting more and more difficult.

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