VPI came through for Oscar when he needed it.

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Oscar is a 7 year old dachshund. Oscar had a really bad year last year, and VPI really came through for us. Oscar started in Jan with pain and just lay on his bed and didn’t move. The vet said he possibly injured his back. When we finally got him to the surgeon, we decided to treat him with medication, pain meds and prednisone. It didn’t work he just got worse. His back legs were partially paralyzed and he could’nt walk with the pain. I had to take him for an MRI first. It took about 6 months for him to be back to his normal self. He had physical therapy, and lots of carrying around. I wondered what a person who was not able to stay home and care for their dog full time would do in a case like this. That is another reason to have pet insurance. While VPI doesn’t pay for respite care, it will help with the medical bills, just in case you would have to pay a person to watch your dog while you are at work. Oscar was lucky, I was with him 24 hours a day. Oscar then had a reaction to the stitching materials used in his sutures for his back surgery and he had a huge (golf ball size abcess on his shoulder and other lesions from the infection. We cleared that up and he was laying sick again and I took him into the vet and this vet misdiagnosed him as having Addison’s Disease. The vet didn’t take into consideration that Oscar had been on prednisone for his back and that is what showed up in the levels in his blood work. Well, I took him into an Internist with the advice of this vet, and he quickly discounted Addison’s disease, but he did an ultrasound just to be sure. The Internist found a tumor in Oscar’s bladder. They tried to scope him, but he was too small a dog to get the scope in. But, they also found a spot in his lungs and wanted to make sure he did not have lung cancer before they did the bladder surgery. They found that the spot in the lungs was pneumonia. That took a month to clear up before they could do the bladder surgery. Oscar had the bladder surgery and after many puddles initially is fine now. I have to take him for an ultrasound every 6 months for a year until they see nothing, but so good so far. While our vet bills were very high this last year, VPI really came through. They paid out higher in some cases than I thought they would. Thank you VPI!

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