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Just wanted to share a story of my former greyhound who had to be put down due to renal failure. The insurance was helpful in helping me pay for the costs initialy however they had decided I was making too many claim and limited my co-insurance from 80% down to about 50% by the time we had to put her down - any pet with a chronic illness is going to result in more claims being filed, how is this fair?... Please read the policy wording carefuly...
This is straight from the policy wording online:
Claims Risk Management: We share with You in the financial risk of providing for Your Pet's health. As with other forms of insurance, Coverage and premium
are subject to individual adjustments according to the level of risk demonstrated by ongoing claims activity. To monitor this, We conduct a semi-annual analysis
as part of Our claims risk management process. This is used to identify if your insured pet is in the top of our policyholders in terms of claims frequency and
costs over the past 24 months. The result of this will be an adjustment to the percentage of the claim You are responsible for (Co-Insurance) on future claims.
This allows Us to protect the majority of Policyholders with normal claims experience from having to offset the extra expense. This process does not increase
Your premiums, and is therefore only applicable if You have future claims. Adjustments are reassessed semi-annually and You may qualify to
return to Your regular level of Coverage.

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