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I'm currently considering gathering up all of my old information to submit to the BBB about VPI. I'm so disgusted by this company that I cannot even explain it in words. When I adopted Maximus, my American Pit Bull Terrier mix I wanted him to have the best of everything. I bought the best VPI insurance plan for him, with double coverage. It cost almost 500 dollars, and he was approved right away (he was a young healthy pup- or so we thought). Within a couple of months Maximus got sick, bad enough that at times he had blood coming out both ends :( It took us almost a year to find out that he suffered from the most severe allergies that the lab ever saw. After ER visits, every test you could imagine, minor surgeries, and finally allergy testing that I opted for to rule out before putting him under extremely invasive procedures (since the vets were thinking it was cancer) his vet bills were in the ball park of 15,000 dollars!!!! I didn't flinch to spend the money (I even had to max out a credit card because I was finishing up college and the company I worked for went out of business) but was hoping to receive some of it back in return. The first claim I sent in was for 500 dollars, everything should have been covered yet I only received 26 dollars back from VPI. They requested more information, information I had sent them- but they claimed not to get. So I obtained the information for a second time along with much more for additional claims. I mailed it- they "never received it" and asked me to send it again. So I did, via mail, via fax, via email- everything I could do, I did. They claimed not to get it. Finally I sent the claims via certified mail, to be sure they'd receive it. It came back to me saying they denied the delivery. (I even saved the reciept from the post office) So I started calling them about it. They were very nice until I gave them the total of my claims. Then they disconnected me. Every subsequent time I called they would hang up on me simply after giving them my name... or at the very best leave me on hold indefinitely. I waited on hold once for one hour before calling back... to be hung up on!!! I was always courteous and kind when calling, never rude... though I may have sounded frustrated toward the end of my trying for obvious reasons. I would explain to the customer service reps that I knew it wasn't their fault but explain my story and hope to be helped... it never happened. At that point I was just so happy to have my dog on the road to recovery that I didn't take the time report them. Though now, we still face many medical problems and if they would've done their part of the deal we'd still have coverage with them. He is three years old and has cost us approximately 30k to date, including the home cooked food we make him (120 per week). The insurance policy I bought would have been a major help, but they scammed me. The worst part was that they called me to see if I wanted to renew at the policy end. So I explained what happened to date to the rep. The rep apologized and said they'd try to figure out what happened, placed me on hold, and then after about two minutes they picked up and hung up!!! I'm still in shock over how badly I was scammed. I know insurance companies are out to make money, but with each policy they either make money or lose it. With VPI it seems that if you are giving them a profit they'll seem great but once you start to cost them.... watch out!! Now I would never trust another pet insurance company. I'd rather spend the money out of pocket and know that I won't be giving any money away for free! :(

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