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My dog Sierra was acting really weird on Monday. Not eating anything, not even her favorite treats. We decided that we would wait until the next day to see if she got any better and if she didn't we would take her to the vet. Well, she didn't get any better by the next day. Needless to say, we took her in. she had some blood work done and got some medication to keep her from throwing up and some liquid food. I had my vet sign my claim form and went home. The next day we got the lab results back, and they were pretty much normal. He said to basically keep an eye on her and if she doesn't get any better then to take her back in. WELL I brought my papers from the vet in with me to work and went online to They had a fax number on there and I thought 'well isn't that convenient." So I faxed it. Not more than 1 hour went by and I already received an e-mail stating that they got the claim and are processing it now! I was amazed that I didn't have to call in a week to make sure someone got it. I am very VERY happy so far with the service I have received from petsbest. I will post something on here once I get my check and let you know how fast, or slow, it was. So far I am VERY pleased.

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