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I can't say enough about how great Petplan is. We have a Silver policy for Simon, our five year old retriever mix. With hypothyroidism and skin allergies our claims were and are always processed in a timely manner. We never experienced the frustration of claims being lost or having to resubmit them. Petplan's service is worry free!Then in March 2011 we learned how great Petplan can be in an emergency. Our Simon woke one morning and couldn't get up. We rushed him to the Vet ER. His diagnosis was a spinal cord injury with little chance of ever walking again. The care needed was extensive and intense. He was hospitalized for three days and incurred thousands of dollars worth of tests. Ultimately he underwent emergency spinal surgery. Our total cost was over $8.000.00! Thank goodness we had Petplan. They covered everything--yes, everything! We had the check within 1 week! Amazing. One month later when Simon needed a wheelchair, they covered that too and 100% of the cost(not all companies will cover a set of wheels for paralyzed pups like Simon). They even covered shipping!
One of the greatest things through all this was that Petplan treated us not as a policy number but as real pet parents going through a tough time and wanting to do the best for their baby. I felt the employees knew my case and I didn't have to tell my story each time I called. They knew me!
Today I consider Petplan a vital part of Simon's care team. His back legs are still paralyzed but he is happy and ye

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