Mad as Hell

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I have had this insurance on my various dogs for years. I got a new puppy and was signing up for insurance on line but then got called away and then was contacted by a representative. I told her that I had a new puppy and wanted all the coverage I could get on her. It turns out that she gave me one program and made it a $1,000 deductible. I was livid and tried to get them to reverse everything but they wouldn't. I asked several times for them to look into the policy recording but it fell on deaf ears. So I cancelled all my insurance on my dogs and moved to another insurance company where I got insured for the correct things. If someone asks me about this insurance I just tell them to make sure that you are getting what you ask for as they don't have good listening skills. I would never in one million years signed up for a $1000 deductable which you can't do on line you have to talk to a representative. Not a reputable company in my mind - they should have at least looked into the recording and let me know.

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puppy coverage
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
Under a year

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