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My dog was diagnosed with grade 1 heart murmured, and they denied my claim saying that the condition was pre-existing, I had called and talked to them, they asked me to fax in the doctor's note to clarify my dog's condition is not pre-existing, I did that. They still denied it. My Vet had since faxed in 2 different doctor's note trying to clarify the condition is not pre-existing, and even ask the claim department to call the doctor's office to verify, but they never call him and yet denied my claim. I had already filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureur. Please beware of this company. They do anything, and say anything they want. They try anything just to deny your claim. Customer service was rude!!

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Posted: 08/20/2008

ANY heart murmur in a human or animal is a defect that usually happens in utero. This makes it pre-existing. The only way it would not be is if the dog was on a medication that caused some type of heart dysfunction.