Pet insurance saved his leg.

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My lab mix Timber was hit by a car in the evening Oct. 2007. The car did not stop. My dog ran home with a fractured leg and multiple open wounds. We rushed him to a 24 hour animal hospital one hour away. Two days later he was taken to our local vet. The fractured required a specialist. We drove three hours one way to Cornell University in Ithica, NY. If I did not have pet insurance we would have had to decide on amputation of his leg. Having pet insurance enabled us to save his leg with the procedure of arthrodesis (fusion). He was hospitalized for 9 days, he under went daily bandage changes for the open wounds and splint changes every 2 weeks for 3 months. It was a long recovery and he is still in rehab. VPI insurance was a blessing to us. My experience with VPI is positive. I received checks about two weeks after my claims were faxed in. My dog still has his rear leg, received the very best of care and treatment because we could go the the very best hospital, all because we have VPI pet insurance. I highly recommend it. I actually have two dogs and both have been insured from the day I got them. Our Beagle is five and Timber is two. Don't let yourself be in the position to have to choose between life and death or substandard care because you can't afford treatment if an accident happens. Be prepared, purchase VPI insurance, you won't regret it. Thank you VPI....

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