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I really hate this company. They have some crazy "pre-existing" condition policies that get sprung on you when you least expect (or can afford) it... basically, they claim that ANY condition that has EVER been filed (and how many times might you have a puppy/dog with a stomach ache in its lifetime, for example...), it will NEVER be covered again after the calendar year that you first file it. An ongoing condition (for instance, my dog has epilepsy, which controlled by medication, but she is supposed to get her blood levels monitored every year or so) - that is first diagnosed in December of 2007 will suddenly become A PRE-EXISTING condition as of Jan 1 2008, and nothing - medication, vet checks, etc - will EVER be covered for that illness ever again. This has cost me a lot of money. I have wanted to cancel for years, but keep it because my dog is a senior and i expect there will be more illness to come, but I HATE this company. they truly make up their own rules to suit their bottom line - they are not a god company.

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