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We have two animals, a dog (mini Schnauzer) and a cat. For years we have gone through half a dozen of the preferred pet insurance companies, each one worse than the one before. Our last nightmare was with VPI, purportedly a "great" pet insurer, if you have been with them, as we were, you would think differently - HORRID (in a word). Finally found Healthy Paws through a friend, and we are DELIGHTED by this organization. Not only do they quickly process claims, but they are honest, based their business on integrity and equally, if not even more important is that they contribute to rescue animals. So, this organization is not only a GREAT insurance company, they care. Don't waste your time, energy and MONEY by going to every other pet insurer that is out there, we've done that and they are almost all garbage. This company is the real deal; no games, no lies, no loopholes...just an honest company that cares about animals (yours, mine and everyone's). Get this coverage today! You will NOT regret it, we don't!!

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Skin problem

Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 06/26/2012

Ben, this review does state claims have been made.
And, hopefully, most consumers do their research and make a decision before making a purchase of anything. There is a lot of bad insurance for both people and pets and simply understanding the policies makes it clear, one does not need to pay for each bad policy.

Posted: 11/24/2010

You have all this great stuff to say about them, but you don't seem to have actually filed any claims... how can you know how great they are, until it actually matters?