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The first 13 months of my enrollment with Vetinsurance involved our first pet, a maltipoo named Blackberry. Blackberry was born with a kidney condition that was undetected in the first few months of her short life. I am more than pleased that I had enrolled her in Vetinsurance; unfortunately it was many trips to the Vet with prescriptions and diagnostic that I am not sure we could have handled if not for Vetinsurance. At 13 months old, Blackberry became very sick, and as hard as it was to lose her, the most humane decision we could make for her, was euthanasia. Thanks to Vetinsurance her 13 months had been as good as it could be. I was very grateful for the compassion, the kind words and card, as well as the financial coverage at the end of Blackberry's short life. The peace of mind, knowing that we could provide the health care for this treasured member of our family when that need arose, was definitely worth the monthly premium.

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