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Last year my great pyrenees male fell off our deck. His front leg became lame. We crate rested overnight and then decided to have the leg look at the next day. After x-rays and examination it was decided nothing was serious. However my vet failed to write in the claims form that he "fell" off our deck. Therefore Pet Plan decided it was not covered I was left with the bill. I informed Pet Plan that it was the vet fault not mine that they did not document my dogs fall correctly. Make sure you have your vet fill in the forms correctly...

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Posted: 08/28/2008

Similar incidence with our cat. He broke a bone in his paw and the vet inadvertantly left out the reason for reimbursement. Reimbursement was disallowed and I went back to the vet and had the claim sheet corrected. I was then reimbursed. Our vet faxes in to Pet Insurance our claim after he fills it out. I sign it before he fills it out (eliminates me going back to sign)

Posted: 05/20/2009

Another company (or two) you would have been with would have done something similar (I have worked in the animal health industry and am wholly unbiased about insurance as I don't use it). That is your vets mistake and they are supposed to try to be very explicit as to not leave cause for a loophole.
Vets don't usually start doing that until their customers get burned. It happens more than you think, but along with the bad, for the most part petsecure/petinsurance isn't the worst one.