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We've had two dogs covered with VPI since last September. Both have the Standard Plan with the wellness/preventative care rider. I've been very pleased with our coverage. The JRT has had only one claim - for his annual vaccinations, heartworm test/meds, flea meds. That came to just over $300 for the year and I was reimbursed $128 - which is what their schedule said I'd be reimbursed for. The mutt is "the most expensive $76 dog ever." ;-) He's a shelter dog, the most lovable you could ever want, but he's genetically predispositioned to have big vet bills. You name it, he'll get it, and he won't heal like other dogs. This year he's had a corneal ulcer which in most dogs would have been a week of ointment. He had two weeks of oral antibiotics, ointment, atropine drops, and two major surgeries, but he kept his eye. He also has had an attack of "acute" pancreatitis which has gone on for five months. In most dogs low fat, high fiber food and some enzyme tablets fix it in two weeks. Him, not so much. Between those bills and his routine care, we submitted $3960. We're getting $1027 back. Yes, it's about 1/3 of his medical bills - but the schedule was available before I signed up, and that $1000 is money we wouldn't have gotten back any other way. Total, I pay about $45/month for their coverage, so Jack's reimbursement alone more than paid for their coverage twice. It's not the same as having all but $10 of your own medical care covered, but it's far better than nothing. I'm pleased - although I may up them to the Premier Coverage next year. For another $20/month, Jack's reimbursements would have nearly doubled...

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