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When we picked up our puppy Nelly from SPCA, we thought it might be a good idea to look into pet insurance. Our first dog, a Border Collie named JJ, had been diagnosed at a young age with hip dysplasia, but we had no insurance for him, and treatment was costly and continued throughout his life. JJ is now 12, and has cancer of the kidney. Thanks to the health insurance we did purchase for both dogs last year, we have been able to recoup a good percent of the costs of his care during his final days. Purchasing pet health insurance with ASPCA has turned out to be a good move for us. Just as human health insurance helps to reduce the financial burden of care, this product for our pets has made a big difference for us financially. Pets can become sick or injured, just like we can – and it’s nice to know there’s help out there when things go wrong. Thank you ASPCA!

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