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This insurance has turned out to be a better investment than my healthcare insurance, dollar for dollar. I've had dogs most of my 63 years, but never got pet insurance until the summer of 2008 when I made the decision to buy some for my female pitbull Duchess. I found Duchess in the woods in GA about 5 years ago. She was in poor condition, having been overused for breeding and fighting purposes. She recovered from her injuries and severe heartworm infestation and was healthy until later in 2008. She was attacked by a much larger and younger male pitbull and suffered many deep bites and lacerations before I retrieved my gun and killed the other dog. I took her to pet emergency where she was stabilized and kept overnight. The next morning I picked her up and took her to our regular veterinarian, Walt Gregg, who did the surgeries that morning. The bill from both facilities was more than $1100.00. I submitted the billing, a copy of the medical records and the claim form to ASPCA Insurance via fax, got reimbursed more than $650.00 and the check arrived within a couple weeks of when I submitted the claim. It was better service than from my own healthcare insurance plan! Had that been the only time I needed to use the insurance it would be worth continuing to pay the small monthly premium anyway. But, in late October 2009 Duchess stopped walking. The expenses really were not that much so I was not going to file a claim for them. Then, after two months of no improvement I was referred to a neurosurgeon and as part of the appointment, Duchess had a MRI. Ultimately, I submitted two claims to ASPCA Insurance that totaled more than $2800.00, this time emailing the claim! Being able to either fax or email the claim saved so much time and effort! I received $1500.00 reimbursement and it again arrived within a couple or three weeks. If I did not have this insurance I could not have afforded to get the MRI for Duchess and consequently she would not have gotten an accurate diagnosis. Moreover, her condition was so bad the day I took her for the appointment and MRI that had I not gotten good news I was going to put her down the next day. But, knowing I had coverage and what the limit was ($1500) I was able to get the treatment Duchess needed and now she is very much improved. So in a very real way, Duchess is only alive and now enjoying her life because I had ASPCA insurance. For her it was a virtual life saver!

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Posted: 07/22/2010

so what did the owners of the pit bull that you KILLED do?? Save your dog but kill another??? Wow.