Snail Bait Kills More Than Snails & Slugs

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My wife came home after work to find Tally, our beautiful blue merle Cattle Dog trembling, staggering and acting strangely aloof. On the way to the vet, thankfully a short distance from the house, Tally begain convulsing, ultimately collapsing at the door of the vet in a rigid seizure. The vetinary team worked feverishly to provide her oxygen, hydrate her and sedate her to stop her convulsions and trembling. The contractions of muscles was causing her temperature to soar dangerously. Once she was stabilized, she was taken to an emergency clinic. Suspecting poisoning, her stomach was pumped and filled with charcoal. He didn't say so at the time, but her vet didn't think she was going to survive the night. She a very fit and tough girl, and greatfully recovered enough to come home the next day. After a few days of needed recouperation and rest, she returned to her energetic frisbee catching self. Snail bait poisoning was suspected. We do not use any poisons at our home so she must of gotten into it around the neighborhood on one of her off-leash walks. We vowed to watch her carefully to ensure that it didn't happen again. Unfortunately, 5 months later she displayed similar symptoms and was rushed to the emergency clinic again, where her stomach was pumped. This time we asked the contents to be tested to determine the poison. It was snail bait. After some research, we were stunned to find that snail bait, which includes a sweetener attractant is the leading cause of poisoning de

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Snail Bait Poisoning
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