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I don't understand why there are so many bad reviews about this plan. I have not been able to find anything for such a great price. There is really no uncertainty either. You pay the rate. Your yearly deductible is $100 (cheap!) and then you get reimbursed 80%.
I love Petshealthcare. I recently had a bill for over $1000.00 because my baby was throwing up non stop. He was hospitalized and on an IV. I received a check for over $800 within a week or 2 after he was released. And, I live in CA. I have never had any issues with claims regarding unfair reimbursement amounts based on my zip code.

Since I have had Petshealthcare,my dog has had at least 3 claims, and each one was handled very well except for 1 time. However, this time I appealed the denial, and I won. I was very impressed that they took the time to re review my claim. And, every time I call the customer service line, everyone is very friendly and professional.

I used to have VPI because everyone seems to recommend them. I do not want to bad mouth them, but they were horrible. They sent me a UPS letter to cancel my policy because they accused me of knowingly failing to report my dog's pre exisiting condition. No phone call, nothing! Just a cancellation letter.

The only bad thing I can see about Petshealthcare is the whole pre existing clause. I guess if the dog is sick 1 month before renewal, there will be some issues. However, if you call their customer service and talk to someone, I bet they could explain that part better. Overall, it is still a great deal, especially for my 2 boys who are always ending up in the emergency room or getting a bee sting or an ankle sprain or something.My older dog has had all kinds of troubles and diseases. I love my dogs like they are my kids, and I feel comfort knowing we have this coverage.

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