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Our 2 1/4 year old Chocolate Labrador, Audrey, hardly ever required medical attention besides the regular check up and immunization. So by the end of last year I considered to cancel the pet health insurance which at that time seemed to be too expensive for what we got in return. Fortunately, however, I came across Petplan which offers much better service for lower rates than what we used to pay. So I decided to switch to Petplan and I am so glad I did! In February Audrey got hold of a wooden cooking spoon which was covered with peanut butter. As soon as I tried to remove it from her mouth, she bit it into two pieces and swallowed one of them. I was totally shocked and called my vet who recommended that I take her to an emergency veterinary hospital immediately where they retrieved the spoon from her stomach by endoscopy procedure before it could get stuck in her intestines. After three hours at the hospital I could take Audrey home with me where she recovered very quickly from the whole procedure. I must admit that I wasn't sure at all whether Petplan would cover the $930.00 bill since we had been insured with them for just a few weeks and was very anxious when I received the letter with the claim check. Thank you, Petplan, for reimbursing $830.00 (only the $50.00 deductible was applied) and thank you for fulfilling your commitment and for making the claim procedure so easy and swift. I am totally satisfied and would recommend you anytime!

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